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The Cast of Characters

Tom Ford

A home-schooled foundling who never attended college.  He was astute enough, however, to secure a top job with an old line New York investment banking firm.   Tom, however, had an unconventional skill. This extraordinary talent gave him introduction to a  mysterious and secret association of partisans.

Kathryn St. John

The daughter of a Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient, Kat works as a researcher for a highly rated talk show on a popular cable news channel. Her father was certainly overprotective with her but she was determined to be an independent woman and succeeded. Kat learned to defend herself and took pride in it.  It saved her life.

Jay Bailey Morgan III

Rumored to be the world's wealthiest man. This eccentric billionaire guided and bankrolled the Martels, a group of patriots determined to protect their country when others fail. Morgan insisted that all have a good time with all they do.  He does.


Mike St. John

A Medal of Honor recipient by his heroism in the Vietnam War,  Mike owns and operates an orange grove in Florida.  He raised his daughter, Kat, as a tomboy, but she rebelled and was determined to become the independent woman she always envisaged.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ford

Parents of Tom Ford who one morning found a baby on their doorstep.  They were determined to raise Tom with the traditional values they learned and teach the old Yankee ideals that they believe made their country exceptional. 

Jackie Brandt

An experienced Defense Intelligence Agency Army officer who works with Jay Bailey Morgan III to manage the Martel's assignments.  He befriends Tom Ford and gives him some very choice missions.